The Solution

Low-Cost Plug & Play Microgrids

uLink offers an innovative, low-cost and smart electrification technology that solves the challenges associated with electricity access. Link™ is a complete end-to-end platform for easy installation and efficient management of modular microgrids in off-grid areas. It combines cutting-edge hardware, for efficient generation and distribution of electricity, with a powerful software platform for seamless management of microgrids.

uLink demo

Link | RED

uLink’s Rural Electrification Devices (REDs) efficiently power most appliances. REDs distribute electricity from generating assets by seamlessly connecting together. Once connected they recognize each other and start to operate autonomously to form a smart microgrid. The smart demand management algorithms running on the devices significantly reduce the capacity of solar panels and batteries to provide affordable and reliable electricity.

uLink device diagram

Link | CORAL

uLink’s cloud platform decreases operational costs by enabling remote diagnostics and mobile  payments. Using data analytics, we can provide customized pricing, capacity upgrade and credit scoring for our users.

Cloud platform

uLink Advantage

uLink’s breakthrough technology provides the lowest cost electricity in the off-grid market. This has been made possible by our smart demand management algorithms running on our proprietary hardware architecture.





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More Appliances

Partner With Us

uLink offers an electric utility-in-a-box that is the building block of a distributed microgrid technology. We can provide technology and expertise to energy service providers to make affordable clean energy accessible. Interested in learning more about partnering with us?